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sound equipment

We have everything you need from a single unobtrusive mike to a wall of sound. We have recently purchased more EV SX300 speakers to compliment our sound system. Equipment can be dry hired and delivered to you and you can also book one of our engineers to set it all up and operate it for you.
item hire charge
EV TourX 1152 Mid High Speaker Enclosure £25/day
EV TourX 1181 Sub Bass Enclosure £25/day
Spark 65 In Fill/Monitor Speaker £5/day
EV SX100 Full Range Speaker (Speakon - Speakon) 8ohms/200w £15/day
EV SX300 Full Range Speaker (Speakon - Speakon) 8ohms/300w £17/day
EV SB121 Sub-Bass with built in crossover (Speakon - Speakon) 8ohms/300w £16/day
Proel EX12MP Passive Wedge Monitor Speaker £13/day
Fostex 6301 Powered Monitor £5/day
JTS US902D dual channel UHF Handheld radio microphone system £25/day
Shure MX412 gooseneck condenser microphone £10/day
Beyerdynamic M69N(C) microphone £5/day
AKG D310 microphone £5/day
AKG C391 condenser microphone £7/day
AKG C-747 condenser microphone £15/day
Sennheiser E845 Microphone £5/day
Sennheiser EW 122G3 Lapel Radio Mic System £30/day
Sennheiser EW 135G2 Hand Held Radio Mic System £30/day
Sennheiser E935 Vocal Microphone £6/day
mixing desks
Behringer X32 Digital Mixing Console £100/day
Mackie 1202 VLZ Mixer 8 channel (4 mono/4 stereo) £15/day
Mackie CFX12 12 Channel (8 mono/4 stereo) £25/day
Allen & Heath GL2200 16 channel mixing console £45/day
Allen & Heath GL2400 24 channel mixing desk £60/day
InterM PP9214 8 mono/2 stereo PreAmp mixer £10/day
amplifiers and processing
Lexicon LXP-15 Reverb £17/day
Behringer S-16 16:8 Digital Snake £30/day
Behringer Feedback Destroyer Pro £15/day
Behringer Ultra-Graph Pro 31 Channel Graphic Equaliser £17/day
BSS FDS 336T Minidrive Loudspeaker Management System £20/day
EV DC-One Loudspeaker Management System £25/day
EV CP-3000S 1600w per Channel Power Amplifier £22/day
EV Q1212 1800w per Channel Power Amplifier £20/day
Denon DN-F300 Solid State Player £15/day
Denon DCD-1290 Professional CD Player £10/day
QSC RMX 1450 Amplifier 450w per channel @ 4 ohms £18/day
Sony MDS-S37 Minidisk player/recorder £10/day
Loudspeaker Stand £4/day
K&M microphone boom stand £5/day
K&M Choir microphone stand £7/day
K&M Short Boom microphone stand £5/day
24/4 Drum Mounted Analogue Multicore 30m £16/day
12/4 Multicore 30m £9/day
Behringer Active stereo di box £6/day
Various microphone and speaker cables £ASK
Engineer per half day (minimum) £100
Engineer per full day £200
EV TX 1152 speaker cabinet Meyer M1D EV Speaker array at The Alnwick Garden Spark 50 White speaker Mackie mixing desk mixing desk microphone ready for presentation